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Cure Maid Cafe On Akihabara Tokyo

In your much conclusion of Akiba, next to Suehirocho stop, Treatment Maid Café is often a good official type restaurant, not necessarily as opposed to M’s Tune with Nagoya.

The very first thing you will learn concerning this spot could be the unusual method to find yourself in your restaurant. Regarding maid Cafe, you generally key in a new developing, and the first thing the truth is is usually an elevator that could carry you to definitely the desired flooring. On the other hand, your massive difference using this type of spot is actually that you need to key in a new gachapon (those devices through which you put dollars to secure a tablet which has a randomly toy inside) retail store referred to as “Gee Store”, walk to the much conclusion on the retail store and you will see your elevator. That smaller detail is often a small bit difficult, but when inside, it’s a new maid Cafe.

That restaurant is actually found on the sixth flooring on the developing, and also the elevator is actually rigged therefore a new chime wedding rings for the reason that elevator doorway clears. When inside, a lady will require you inside and explain to you for your table.

The structure can be nevertheless of the easy rectangular shape having several kitchen tables for 2 as well as four, having unobstrusive limbs in between just about every handful of kitchen tables, that we truly take pleasure in since this helps you a new to some degree much better sense of level of privacy. A tough count signifies that a few 25 men and women may suit inside restaurant, that is not smaller nor large. Quite like the normal dimension to get a maid Cafe.

When i discussed earlier, We would classify this kind of restaurant as a official type restaurant. The service personnel sports activity relatively unadorned very long sweater victorian type uniforms, they may be extremely official into their way of approaching you and in the way that they move, and also the selection is fairly stylish.

I’ve recently been today once or twice to the restaurant. The 1st time was very last summertime, after they had been celebrating the Evangelion crafted occasion. Since you can notice for the picture here, My spouse and i purchased a new cheesecake which has a NERV layout drawn in cocoa powder powder. Since you can notice, they may be very wary because of the details, your logo design for the denture is actually at the very top, your four areas of dark chocolate syrup inside denture usually are best, and pretty much everything is actually well taken care of.

Now, you could possibly think about exactly why must i get photographs inside restaurant, whenever photographs usually are unacceptable? Well, Treatment Cleaning service Café is really much really the only maid Cafe I know of, that lets you carry photographs inside, along with your camera. Photos on the service personnel as well as other guests usually are unacceptable, but anything is okay. HOWEVER, you have to request one of the service personnel with regard to choice Prior to deciding to carry your own picture, and they will ask you to demonstrate to them your picture soon after. When they examine there are zero difficulty your own picture, it's your own house to keep. Needless to say, that is absolutely free.

Meals is incredibly good and affordable. They've different meal, teatime and evening meal selections, changed on 3 evening and on 5 evening. Prices assortment with regard to meals coming from 300 to help 1000 yen, soft drinks proceed on around 300 yen, while alcohol addiction drinks opt for 500 yen. It is equivalent with cost, and even less expensive than other typical restaurants with Japan such as Doutor and Pronto. In addition they offer evening meal units coming from 2000 to help 4000 yen.

There isn't any table fee, and takeout can be found just for cakes (except with regard to chiffon cakes), which has a bare minimum get of 2 cakes. Takeout is just not available on your midsummer with the heat nevertheless.

My spouse and i experimented with your cutlet curry hemp, plus it was very good, which has a good level of meals. I did uncover the possible lack of pickles (tsukemono) for the curry slightly unsatisfactory nevertheless.

Just about the most is often a extremely official restaurant, and We have not necessarily noticed additional discussion involving the service personnel and also the clients apart from the purchases, that they nonetheless concentrate on your otaku culture having a great deal of occasions, such as Evangelion just one My spouse and i mentioned before, and possess many more that coincide with the introduction of fresh anime string.

In addition they apparently offer violin/flute/harp shows just about every saturday nighttime. An additional fee of more than 200 yen needs to sign up for the idea, and as it can be well-accepted, that they advise with having a booking. We have not necessarily still attended one of those activities.

Their particular level credit card program gives just one stamp for any 500 yen with buys. After 20 rubber stamps (at lowest 10000 yen), you will get a new 500 yen lower price admission. Pretty good, but happens to be more imaginative. Additionaly, they've already a little things retail store, having results on the market, and also tableware with the restaurant logo design impressed on it.

There is another thing nevertheless I did in contrast to concerning this restaurant. The aprons put on by simply many of the service personnel are quite dirty. It’s not just a moe type of dirty (if there exists even something like that), but a lot more like a new “this kitchen apron has become rinsed 10000 times” type of dirty. My spouse and i think it is rather noticeable and also unattractive. It's possible it's purported to fascinate some type of otaku (definitely not necessarily me), but My spouse and i believe it is absolutely pointless to keep these aprons, and substitutes should not be very expensive for them.

In addition to the aprons, My spouse and i loved this kind of spot lots. The is actually so far as I know, one of the most successful maid Cafe with Akihabara, therefore remember to make sure you offer the idea a call.

Direction To Cure Maid Cafe

  • Name: Cure Maid Café
  • Location: Akihabara, Tokyo
  • Homepage: http://www.curemaid.jp/
  • Address: 3-15-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to. Gee Store Akiba 6F.
  • Opening hours: 11:00 to 20:00. Fridays, Saturdays and the day before Holidays, until 22:00. Sundays until 19:00. Last order 30 minutes before the store closes.
  • Rules: No table charge. Maximum stay of two hours. Reservations and special requests are possible.
Source : AkibaMaid

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